Karahan hill ancient site; Sister of Göbeklitepe site

We all know Göbeklitepe but the archeologists state that there are many settlement areas like Göbeklitepe ancient site under the region. The proof of this theory came from Karahan district of Şanlıurfa. Discovery of some columns like Göbeklitepe site led archeologists think that they discovered a settlement area like Göbeklitepe. Actually it is a new discovery but they have reasons to think in that way.

The region of southeastern Turkey has a big potential due to the role of the region in history. As it is a bridge between south and north, many civilizations left a priceless heritage in the region. Those settlement areas are the heritage of the all cultural bases and they may include some information that can change the historical background of the world.

We need time to reply this question but we are sure that Southeastern of Turkey had important centers in the past.


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