King Gordios; a farmer who became a king (created a dynasty)

We all know the ancient Gordion city in today’s Turkish territory. It was a well known Phrygian center. Also we remember King Midas when Gordion City is called. But there is an other interesting story. It is about King Gordios, the father of King Midas, who was the owner of the city.

We are going back to the past. An ancient city was in chaos because the king was dead. But the king didn’t have any successor. The public consulted to the oracle. The oracle said that the first man with the coach should have been the king. That moment a farmer with a coach entered the city. Sudenly the public caught him and they declared that he was the king. That person was farmer Gordios. He became the king Gordios. Then the city was called as Gordion. In the name of the king, the city bevame bigger. More of this, he created a dynasty. His son, Midas, became king after his death. He was buried in a tomb that looked like a natural hill.

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