Legend of Seven Brothers Tower Bastion- Diyarbakır

Diyarbakir city wall is the fourth longest city wall in ranking. It has a glorious structuıre and it has 4 main gates.

A legend on seven brothers tower bastion is very famous. An enemy attacked on the city wall and the enemy managed to take over the control on the wall but a tower bastion. The enemy called the defenders to surround. It was being defended by seven brothers. Seven brothers decided to make a trick for the enemy.

Brothers sent a message to the enemy; We resign the bastion only to your king and commanders. Otherwise we will defend here. Their plan was to place explosive on the bastion. They did it. When the king and commanders came to bastion in order to take conrol, the brothers blew up the bastion. So all of them were dead including seven brothers.

That’s why it is called seven brothers’ tower bastion legend…

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