Underground city of Central Anatolia

Central Anatolia is famous for underground cities because it is known that this region was the home of early Christians. Roman Empire was so cruel that a Christian could be killed by torture and pains (Before Christianity was declared as the state’s official religion).

On the other hand, those undergrounds have some myths and legends. For example, they are so complex that it isn’t even easy to build them today. They are so deep that some layers of those underground cities haven’t been unearthed yet. Those underground cities’ purposes were declared as the home of Christians but it is certain that they continue to shock us.

The structure of those ancient sites are very impressive. The public who built them decorated those underground cities with some infrastructure systems. It is told that those ancient sites have more importance than we guess. They are on the top of the engineering and construction. The most interesting feature of them is their long-life duration. We shall find out more on those ancient sites in future.

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