Limyra: the capital of Lycia

A view of Limyra ancient site

Limyra ancient site isn’t an ordinary site because Limyra was the capital of Lycia. This is the story;

Limyra was constructed in 5th century BC. It became the capital of Lycian state. It was also a developed city. Theater and monuments were important buildings of the site. Limyra had an important visitor; son of Caesar, Gaus Caesar. He came here when he was going back to Rome. But he couldn’t go back because he died here. So a monumental tomb was built for him. The skirts of hills were full of rock tombs and hillside houses. The population was big. Also a church and a necropolis were built on the peak of the hill. It was an important site for ancient site. Also it was a diocese in the region.

Hillside houses of Limyra

Limyra ancient site had an important role in history. Lycian state accepted this site as capital. It is one of the worth visiting sites in Turkey.

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