Maiden Castle – Mersin

This is the most famous or well-known castle of Mersin. Its outstanding feature is to be built on an island of Mediterranean. It is 600 mt. far away from the coast.

It was built in 1199 by Leon I. It had a very important location, even pirates used this castle as a headquarter. This castle was also built as a settlement area. So various facilities such as chapels were constructed in the inner castle. This castle had an interesting story ( It is like the story of Maiden Tower of Istanbul). An oracle told the king that his daughter would die as a result of a snake bite. So he decided to be constructed this castle in order to protect her. But a snake that hid into the fruit basket reached the castle and she was bitten by this snake. So the omen became true.

It is like a monument in front of the coast. This time period is like the retirement of this castle.

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