Monastery of Tekkale: A sample of Georgian churches

Monastery of Tekkale – Artvin

As we always mention, Turkey hosts many civilizations and different cultures. Georgian style churches are one of the a wide cultural heritage items in this landscape. I will introduce you our cultural heritage building ” Monastery of Tekkale” or ” four churches” as a local name. This is the story of four churches;

Georgian King David had a church complex built in 961. This complex was formed of four churches.They were built in eastern Black sea region. It served as a religious school. This complex had every sort facilities such as seminar halls and chapels. Its architecture was so impressive that mosaics would seem great even 1000 years later. Its location was in a similar place like other monasteries as they were built on the skirts of mountains. By the time , it was forgotten and ruined because of various reasons. The roof systems had gone but the glorious shape of the buildings has been staying for centuries.

Monastery of Tekkale view..

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