Mt.Nemrut:the meeting point of myths and history


We are traveling to a place that is one of the mysterious places of the world. This mountain has a secret and even today it couldn’t be released.

We are on Mt.Nemrut that is located in Adıyaman county of Turkey. This is such a sight seeing place that you can find yourself in a different place like Egypt. Our time machine will take us in a period between ancient times and beginning of Christianity.

We meet a Commagene King I.Antiochos in this period. He was a king of a small state named Commagene Kingdom that had a symbol of lion. He had a tomb built on Mt. Nemrut and he furnished this tomb with lion statues and giant people statues. There are different rumors about the features of this tomb. He also had some secret tunnels built in the mountain. According to a theory, he was the member of a secret society that is still available today “Brotherhood Society”. He was the king who looked for eternity in his life. I can’t know if he had it actually but he is a famous king in history right now.

Do you know that Mt.Nemrut was built up to the astrological knowledge? There are astrological hints that support this theory. Also it is told that it has a connection to Christianity. When we travel in time, I don’t know if we can see the fact. According to a rumor, the real Christmas date is 6th of January.There are hints on this theory in the story of this mountain.Is it possible that aliens visited here? can it be a base of aliens? It is an interesting voyage for me, what about you?

Mt.Nemrut sculptures

This sightseeing place has still its own secrets and it seems that it won’t unearth them easily. Discover Turkey if you wanna find out them.

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