Nasreddin Hodja; The man who makes all world laugh

Nasreddin Hodja sculpture

Let me introduce you Nasreddin Hodja. I am sure that most of you know him and I would like to introduce him with details. He can be considered as a philosopher because his aim was to make people think on some attitudes. His way was to make jokes and he created comics to state facts. He is one of the biggest names of true humor even today;

He was born in Akşehir county of Konya province in the beginning of 13th century. He is also considered as a legendary personality. He had many jokes on showing the people true and beauty. Moral was everything for him. His legacy was his jokes to human being. Those emotions are universal so everybody can find anything for him from his jokes. He died through the end of 13th century. His tomb is in Akşehir of Konya province.

His outstanding feature was defined as sitting opposite on his donkey. His donkey is also as clever as hodja so sometimes he starred at Hodja’s jokes. We can’t separate his donkey from him.

An example of his jokes;

Boiler is dead……

One day Nasreddin Hodja borrowed a boiler from his neighbor. He put a smaller boiler inside when he returned the boiler to his neighbor. He told his neighbor that the boiler was born. He got happy.

Again he borrowed his boiler but he didn’t give it back. Neighbor asked for his boiler to Nasreddin Hodja. He replied as his boiler had passed away. He told Hodja that it wasn’t possible.

Hodja replied his neighbor that he believed in the birth of the boiler but he didn’t believe in death of boiler.

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