Oionanda ancient site; the site where Diogenes left us a great monument

Location of Oionanda city

We are visiting a site that has one of the important philosophical monument in this landscape. We are going to Oionanda ancient site where is located in Muğla province. It is a very important city for philosophy because Diogenes left a great monument in this site. That’s the story;

Oionanda had been recorded in Hittites sources. So it means that it was built in earlier ages. This site was protected by city walls and they were dated back to 200 BC. The site had a visitor and this visitor presented a gift to the city. He typed his doctrines to a great wall in 2nd century AD.

Great wall of Diogenes- Oionanda

Unfortunately this wall had been shattered for centuries. In addition to this wall, the city was decorated with various imperial and religious buildings during Roman Empire. A temple that was built during Emperor Augustus period was one of the other monumental building. Also churches and graveyards were attractive sections of the site. A royal person named Lician Flavilla lived here and was buried here. His family tree was typed in his grave in 2nd century AD.

Oionanda ancient site

This site is a worth visiting place because it hosted many valuable person such as Diogenes and royal Lycian people.

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