Old Town of Istanbul; Constantinople

Constantinople or Byzantiun were the sites that were surrounded by a city wall. This peninsula was the center of Roman empire and the world. There has been residence for thousands of years. The main capitol of Roman Empire and early times of Istanbul were the center. So the holy buildings and great masterpieces were built on that area. You can come across the most important buildings of the history in this area such as St.Sophia, the cisterns and the headquarter of Ottoman Empire; Topkapı Palace ( On the Megalo Palacio (Mega Palace)).

East Roman Emperors and Ottoman sultans constructed a mega city in different formats. So a combination of Christian and Islamic cultures formed here. In a wide time period, the city extended to outside of the city wall and modern Istanbul is being constructed..

At present, we can still come across traces of this multi-cultural stage.

Discover Turkey and travel in time…….


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