Theater of Bergama

Pergamon Kingdom was one of the health centers of Small Asia. Capital was also famous in ancient era and it was a glorious city. It was so big that there were temples of Dionysos and Athena. It had the best days between BC 283 and BC 133. The city was surrounded by walls. It had a such library that it was considered as the wealthiest one in Asia.

Also Pergamon Kingdom was specialized on art and health. Also great altar was an important building. We shouldn’t forget the grand theater of Pergamon. A temple for Asklepios was built and the local healers were trying to heal the illness’. There were a few buildings like that in ancient era settlement areas.

Pergamon Kingdom became Bergama in present. It was an important center for the era. It could be a great destination if you wanna see the glorious city of the era.

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