Red Alert; Tourism is in danger in Turkey

Turkey is in danger of losing the tourism potential. Covid was thought as the most destructive fact for tourism but it isn’t true. Insufficient management of tourism policy is the most destructive fact for Turkish tourism. Although Turkey is capable of being the most valuable country of the world in tourism sector, today we are trying to survive in world’s league. Turkey is about to disqualify from the tourism league due to improper management of the government. Loss of St.Sophia and Chora museum is the sign of this statement. Can any expert or any person who has been in tourism sector ignore or be silent against this development? I guess not.

Actually nothing good is happening in Turkey in recent years. We can’t seperate tourism from the big picture. I am aware of this fact so I wanted to declare this situation to all world.

Tourism is a bridge among the various cultures. My passion is to contribute tourism and my country's publicity. I am a volunteer to achieve this goal.

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