Rhegione ancient site; A security point for Constantinople

Rhegione ancient site

Urbanization is the fact that can destroy the tracks of history. It is available for every big city. Istanbul is one of the metropolis’ of Turkey. On the other hand it is the region that has been hosting various civilizations of this landscape. So the city has a lot of hints and records on this historical background. It seems that we are losing those tracks.

Rhegione ancient site was often recorded in Byzantine period. So it proves us that it had an important role. This site had important missions. It was on the route of Europe and Thrace. It was the last destination before Constantinople. East Roman Empire used Rhegione as a security point and custom. Also Byzantines were keeping most of the population here in order to control the population in Constantinople. Briefly a trader or a visitor was checked in Rhegione then they were released if the investigation was positive. It is also thought that the important people had summer houses in this site.

Rhegione ancient site

Unfortunately the site’s ruins are being vanished because of urbanization. It is an important part of Istanbul’s history.


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