Russia and Turkey; what happened between two tourism partners?

Tourism is a sensitive sector. Anything can affect the circulation of this massive travel action. That’s why every detail is vital for tourism sector. Professional Tourism Management requires some important skills such as intelligence and international communication skill. Especially top management of the state and tourism sector have to evaluate and analysis every detail carefully. This work is more important in crisis periods because tourism sector has to deal with more issues.

Since 2019 the world has been struggling with a virus named Corona virus. At the beginning, the infection was so fast that the states couldn’t be able to control the virus and its result was very heavy. Every sector including economy are still being affected from this virus. We are trying to create a new normal for us. The partnersips are being tested in that period. Before the COVID outbreak, Russia and Turkey were one the best partners. After the COVID outbreak, something has changed. If we take out the political tension for Ukraine, health is the major subtitle.

Antalya is one of the top destinations that are preffered by Russian tourists. Despite of some issues, Turkey was the top destination for Russian tourists last year. Turkish tourism authorities stated that summer of 2021 would be better for Russia. The latest situation is getting worse for Turkey. Russian tourism authorities stated that the flights were banned to Turkey. The motive of this decision is the rapid infection of COVID. It is their right to protect their citizens. Also it is told that political tension for Ukraine fueled the flight ban to Turkey. I can just estimate the events,nothing more.

We can find out something from Russia side. But what about Turkish side? We can’t come across any satisfactory statement for this crisis from Turkish authorities. They just state that everything is in control and they will pursuade Russian side.

According to the professional tourism management, the situation should be declared clearly. Otherwise we don’t lose only money and also the prestige. Tourism is the reflection of international prestige.

I hope that we don’t lose 2021 and 2022 tourism seasons.

Tourism is a bridge among the various cultures. My passion is to contribute tourism and my country's publicity. I am a volunteer to achieve this goal.


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