Şahmeran; the sultan of snakes

Şahmeran figure

Şahmeran is a wellknown figure in Anatolia. Her name can be heard in any region of Turkey. She was a creature with a woman head and a snake body. She was so beautiful that her beauty was unique. She was living under the ground with her snakes. She had never wanted to give harm to humanbeing so she was hiding at her own cave.

A young boy ,.Cemsab, was stuck in her cave because of his friends’ trick. He saw a hole on the wall of the cave, the light was leaking. He enlarged the hole and he saw beautiful garden. Sahmeran was sitting on her throne. There were snakes around her. Sahmeran trusted on him aand he had settled there for years. He asked for allowance to see his family from Sahmeran. She led him go with a condition; not to tell anything about that cave. He could keep his promise for a long time.

One day, sultan got sick and Grand Vizier told that flesh of Sahmeran could heal him. So they started to look for her place. They found out that Cemsab knew there. They had it learned by force. They found Sahmeran and she understood everything. They killed her. Sultan got well but snakes got more aggresive as their queen was killed.


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