Salt Lake; The lake of Central Anatolia

Salt Lake

Salt Lake is located at the Central Anatolia. It is one of the biggest salt sources of Turkey. Salty surface of the lake is providing health for mankind. Its salt is used for curing skin illness’. It is like a great white desert.

Flamingos on the surface of Salt Lake

Salt Lake is also home of many birds. They give break during their journey on the Salt Lake. As you see below, flamingos create a nice scenery on the surface.

It is the fact that Salt Lake is getting smaller in every year and it may be vanished in a short period.

Legend of the Salt Lake;

Once upon a time, there used to be a fruity garden of grapes. An old woman who had a bad character was the owner. A traveler was passing through the region and he was thirsty. He asked for a grape but old woman objected to give him grape. He had the garden haunted by telling that the garden would become salt. So the old woman and the garden became a big Salt Lake.

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