Satala ancient site; A Roman military base in this landscape

Satala ancient site ruins

Satala ancient site is one of the archeological sites of Turkey despite the lack of interest. It is located in border of Gümüşhane county of Turkey ( A junction point between Eastern Black Sea region and inner Anatolia). As the archeological studies weren’t sufficient, we have a few information on this site.

Satala was an important ancient site because it was one of the military bases of Roman Empire that has ever known. It is thought that it was the settlement area that hosted various civilizations such as Hittites, Assyrians and Macedonians. The archeological proofs that are a few right now show us that this site had a lot of things to say.

Satala aqueducts

Soon we will find out the details of historical hints. It is absolute that Satala has a rich historical background in the region.

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