Second Wave of COVID in the world

COVID outbreak has a wide ranged damage on the world’s economy. There was a prediction that stated the winter time is the time period that can damage more than the beginning. This period is being confirmed this prediction.

The countries including Turkey are struggling with second wave of COVID. Mostly the number of the COVID patiences are increasing. So this situation forces countries apply some restrictions. Actually travel is the first habit that is affected from the virus. Some countries restricted the entries. Some borders are still closed and some countries apply quarantine procedures. Briefly it is clear that tourism is affected from this outbreak deeply.

Turkey was one of the preferred destination in summer period. The mosy important fact is that the international tourists were allowed in scope of some restrictions. Despite of this fact, Turkey was preferred by most of the tourists.

It is obvious that it is getting worse again. The virus is being spread fast so the future isn’t clear. Vaccine is being expected soon. When the routine gets normal, don’t forget to schedule your visit to Turkey.

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