Silver Treaty: the first written peace treaty in the history

Silver (Eternal) Treaty tablet

Hittites and Egyptians made the first written peace treaty in the history on that landscape. Pharaoh Ramses II and Hittite King Muvattali had a war in Khades city so this war ended with this treaty in BC 1274. The most outstanding event was that Hattusili III signed this treaty because Hittite king Muvattali was killed in an uprising during Khades war. Also Hittite queen signed it.

This is the first peace treaty that was documented. It was printed on silver tablet,too.Real texts of the treaty are missing. One of the replicas was found in Hattusa ancient site that was the capital of Hittites. It is exhibited in Istanbul Archaeological Museum. The other replica is on the wall of Egyptian temple and the third replica was hung on the wall of UN building today.

If it had been possible to witness this event, it would have been great experience. Did they think that it could be so valuable?

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