Small St.Sophia of Central Anatolia

When we have a conversation on St.Sophia, mostly the church in Istanbul is remembered. There is a point that there are a lot of St.Sophia churches in Anatolia.

Emperor Theodosius had this church built in 385 AD. It was constructed in the name of St. Gregorius Theologos.Its plan is similar to big St.Sophia. It is the church where first chuch chorus was existed. It had been used as church for centuries. After the exchange of Turkish and Greek society, the society immigrated to Greece.

After the Republic of Turkey was established, it was converted into mosque by local society. But the Christian sacraments weren’t resisted. Briefly it had a function as both praying facility.

It is one of the best sample of religions’ peaceful life. Anatolian life stle is based on respect on every religion and belief. We can come across the samples of this peace in Anatolia.

Visit Turkey and feel the peace of religions…

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