Some activities that can be done while staying at home

COVID-19 threat is so big that whole world is isolated. For the public security, all people should stay at home. Only in case of emergency, it is allowed to go out. It is getting more bored, as it gets longer. But we aren’t desperate about it.

Firstly keep your mood high, then obey the guidelines and stay at home. So you will protect yourself and society. Then try to spend your time by having funny activities, you won’t be able to get solicisation.

For example, you can visit the places and countries virtually and you can get more information on destinations. Thanks to internet, you can have information on Turkey as an example. You can see the sight seeing places of Turkey. You can enhance your travel info.

Take care of yourself and keep healthy..

Tourism is a bridge among the various cultures. My passion is to contribute tourism and my country's publicity. I am a volunteer to achieve this goal.

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