St.Paul: An apostle of this landscape


St.Paul was one of the dearest apostles of Christianity. Even though he wasn’t one of 12 apostles, he was one of the greatest servants of Christianity. He had a great effort to form a Christian community in this landscape. He addressed to public of important sites in Mediterranean region. So he could promulgate Christianity in a large scale.

He was citizen of Tarsus site and he focused on promulgating Jesus’ way. He was well known saint in this landscape. So you can find many places that were dedicated to St.Paul in this landscape. The most outstanding place is St.Paul well in Mersin. It was an important stop on pilgrim way to Jerusalem. Pilgrims drank the holy water and had a rest during the voyage.

St.Paul well in Mersin

His legacy is a honored name in history. Especially he had a deep impact in this landscape even today. Christianity became an universal religion thanks to his service.

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