Story of Rumeli Castle of Istanbul

Rumeli Castle was one of the key defensive points during the conquest of Constantinople. It was built in 1452. It has an interesting story.

Sultan Mehmet II had a target; to conquer Constantinople.Ottoman Empire and East Roman Empire had a peace agreement in that period. Mehmet II had a clue to prevent the support of Byzantine alliens. A priest (he is claimed to be a Muslim indeed) pointed a place to Ottomans to assist their plans. Sultan Mehmet II asked for a hunting party to Byzantine Emperor. Ottoman Sultan made a plan to build a castle but he had to make Emperor accept it. Firstly emperor accepted sultan’s cottage. He thought to make a fait accompli. He made a deal with Byzantine Emperor. He would make plan for a cottage with leather line and Emperor led Sultan build in that border.

Mehmet II made a plan to build a castle and he did it in a few months. When the castle project finished, Byzantine emperor protested this attempt. Mehmet II told him that he obeyed the agreement so there was no conflict.

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