The charms of Constantinople 2; Marcianus Column

Monuments of Constantinople have deep functions for Constantinople and Istanbul. They have different meanings for us even today. One of them is Marcianus column. It is in border of Fatih district of Istanbul. It was erected in 450 AD. It was one of the oldest Roman monuments of the city.

According to the legend, while Justian had St.Sophia built, a little girl who had a supernatural power was bringing a heavy stone for the construction of St.Sophia. She came across a beast on the way. The beast asked her where she was bringing this stone. She replied that it was for new St.Sophia. The beast told her that she was late because St.Sophia had already constructed. She left the stone there and checked the situation. The beast lied her. She wanted to recarry it to St.Sophia construction. Unfortunately her supernatural power had gone. So she had to leave the stone there.

On the other hand, this stone knew the virginity of the girls and women. If any woman or girl who had a naught character, it could bend down. Or it could be able to show good and bad females. An emperor and his sister-in-law were passing next to the monument and the stone lied to the ground. The emperor got angry with her and he had her sister-in-law executed there.

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