The charms of Constantinople 4; Arcadius column

There are many momuments that remained from East Roman Empire era. We are very close to lose some of them forever. Some of them are stuck to somewhere in the city.

Arcadius column is one of the victory monuments of the city. It was erected after the war against German tribes. It had lasted for a long time to build it (around 4th century). It used to be a glorious monument. It was very high. It was described as a mysterious monument because it is believed that the carvings on the monument warned the empire for an occupation. That occupation became true in 13th century (the crusaders’ invasion). It was believed that a monk was living at that monument. According to the story, thousands of snakes (including a giant snake) got out of this monument and went through the sea. The public of Constantinople witnessed this scene.

Constantinople was the city that was full of mystery. Some of them are still valid for our present time.

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