The forgotten church of Constantinople

One of the forgotten characters in Constantinople is St.Sergius and Bacchus church. It was used for throne ceremonies. It was built in AD 536. It was built by Justinianus I. According to the records, Justinianus I was accused of betraying the East Roman Empire by joining the rebellion. So Justinos (uncle) decided to execute his nephew. That night two saints St.Sergius and St.Bacchus got into the dream of Justinos. They told him that Justinianus I was innocent. So he forgave his nephew. After Justinianus I got the throne, he had this church built in order to thank for two saints.

Today we know this church as Little Hagia Sophia Mosque. It was converted into mosque in 15th century. After the conquest of Constantinople, some churches were converted into mosques. It is located in the historical peninsula of Istanbul. It is nearby to St.Sophia Museum.

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