The Fortress’ of Bosphorus

Anatolian Fortress

Bosphorus (Istanbul Strait) has been very valuable for hundreds of years. It is one of the important straits of the world, even today. There are two fortress’ on each side of Bosphorus. They were built by Ottoman State before the conquest of the city.

One of them is Anatolian Fortress. It was constructed on the Anatolian side of the Bosphorus. Its task was to control Bosphorus against backup force for East Roman Empire with the co-operation of Rumeli Fortress. It was the first fortress around Bosphorus.

Fortress of European side (Rumeli Fortress)

Fortress of European side (Rumeli fortress) is the another control point in order to stop backup forces for East Roman Empire. It is the one that is the biggest. When you look at the fortress with a bird view, we can see a special design for Rumeli Fortress. The construction of Rumeli Fortress has an interesting story. Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II made a deal with East Roman Emperor but he built this fortress bigger with some tricks. It worked because this fortress became a key point for the success.

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