The history of empires age in Anatolia

Hattusa the capital of Hittites

According to the historical records, there used to be small kingdoms in Anatolia before Hittites Empire. The local tribes of Anatolia and the invaders of this land established small states in that geography. We can’t see a central government or an empire in this era. Most of the time, those small states were in war each other briefly a domination struggle was existing.

Hittite empire was established between BC 1660 and 1630. Hattusa was declared as the capital and the border of Hittite Empire expanded on whole Anatolia. It was a combination of Hatti and Luwi cultures. Also we can feel the Mesopotamian influence of Hittite culture. It was the beginning of the empires age in the history. Thanks to their tablets, we are able to get detailed information on Hittites.

Ancient Egypt and Assyrians were the rivals of Hittites in the region. Even Hittites had the first written peace agreement of the history. Kadesh agreement was made with Egypt empire.

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