The missing island of Istanbul:Vordonisi

The missing island of Marmara Sea

Istanbul city has a lot of mysterious points. One of them is the missing island of Marmara Sea named Vordonisi. This is the story;

We are going back to year 1010 and Byzantion faced a big earthquake. It was so big that the silhouette of the city had changed. In the same time, an island sank into Marmara Sea. That island wasn’t deserted, there used to be a monastery and priests on the island. So the geography of the city had changed again because earthquakes had changed the face of the region several times. This island was located nearby the Asian Minor and it was the resident of a monastery and priests. But it was sank because of an earthquake.

The story didn’t finish here. It had been forgotten for a while till the recent years. This island was found and the archeological works were begun. It is thought that it is going to give us valuable information on history of Istanbul and earthquake history of Istanbul.

I am looking forward to knowing more on this old residence of the city.

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