The most beautiful palace of the world; Topkapı Palace

According to an international survey, Topkapı Palace of Istanbul was voted as the most beautiful palace. Topkapı Palace which had been the headquarter of Ottoman Empire for 600 years has also a special place among other palaces of the world. Topkapı Palace competed with the big and glorious palaces of Europe and the travelers selected Istanbul’s head palace as the most beautiful palace.

It was constructed after the conquest of Constantinople by Ottoman Empire. It is located on a hill that dominates the waterway and Marmara Sea. There used to be a mega palace of Byzantines. Still we can see the ruins of this mega palace at the Sultanahmet square. Conquerer Sultan Mehmet II had this palace’s construction started and every sultan added extra buildings. After the western style palaces became fashionable in 18th century, Ottoman sultans moved to new palaces on the Bosphorus shore line. But Topkapı Palace never lost its glory. The restoration of Topkapı Palace show us the secret places and modernizations of the palace in time. Still the archeaologists may unearth the original parts of the palace or the ruins of mega palace.

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