The nature philosophers of Miletus;Thales, Anaximender and Anaximenes

Thales of Miletus

Miletus Philosophy School was one of the important philosophy schools of the ancient era

Thales,Anaximender and Anaximanos

West Aegean region was a developed region in ancient era. Miletus was one of the ancient sites of the ancient era. This site had a fame because it was a developed place for scientific works. Three philosophers had made a revolution in philosophy. Thales was considered as the first philosopher. He thought that the main element for the life was water. As he observed the environment of the Aegean region, he thought that water shaped everything on earth.

His companies ,Anaximender and Anaximanos, had different teories relating to Thales. Anaximender thought that air was the main element and Anaximanos thought that chaos was the main reason to shape the earth.

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