The only day for world children; 23rd April

The date was 23rd April 1920,Turkish leader Mustafa Kemal had an objective; to establish an assembly and make Turkish state civilized. He achieved his goal and The Turkish Assembly was opened. After the independent war was won, Our leader Mustefa Kemal presented this day to the children that he thought as future of Turkish nation.

Mustafa Kemal during the independent war of Turkey

This day was celebrated as only national sovereignity at the beginning. Later it became an international children day with national sovereignity. In 1979 TRT (Turkish Radio and Television) arranged the first international celebration in Turkey.

Turkish leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk thought the children as the future of the world. They should be cared and loved. They should be looked after and educated very well. So they will do great jobs for the world.

Happy futures and days for world children…….

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