The tracks of cultural development; Genetic science

The cultural development has been lasting for centuries in the world. How can you track them? By archeaology and genetic science. The scientists and archeaologists are co-operating in order to solve the mysteries on cultural development.

Anatolia’s cultural development is also other mystery for history. We know that many civilizations lived here and left significant tracks. But finding tracks isn’t so easy. Not only the archeaological excavations and also genetic surveys will assist us to understand the development. Also the ancient languages are the important parts of the ancient culture.

Luvi language inscription

Anatolia has some ancient languages such as Luvi language. As it was stuck in a small community, we aren’t able to solve it completely. Genetic surveys can reply some questions. Hitite language is also other ancient language.

Archeaology can reply the questions relating to mysteries with the co-operation of genetic science.

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September 12, 2022