Titus Tunnel: A Roman engineering wonder

Titus Tunnel

We are in Hatay county of Turkey. Hatay is known as the city of tolerance due to praying facilities of three religions. But I will give you an information on a great building of Roman engineering. It is known as Titus tunnel. This is the story;

We are in Roman period of the region. The weather was rainy and the the territory was rocky so it created dangerous floods from the mountain. Finally Roman Empire Vespian decided to build a tunnel to evaluate the water. The construction had begun AD 69 and it was finished in AD 81 by his son Titus. It is around 1300 meters. Its height is 7 meters and it has 6 meters width. It is so big that it can evaluate many liters of floods.

This water channel is so usable that it can be used even today. It can be considered as one of the wonders of Roman engineering.


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