Tokat Castle: A special prison for history

Tokat Castle

Tokat Castle is a very special place because it was used as prison for some famous characters of history. We are tuning the time machine to the Roman Age.

It was built between BC 30 and AD 395 for Roman border control then Byzantines had dominated this castle for 500 years. Then Turks came here. It was used as prison and one of the famous prisoner was Count Dracula. He was imprisoned here because he was given to Ottomans as a condition of an agreement by his father. He was trained by Conqueror Sultan Mehmed for a while.

Count Dracula and Conqueror Sultan Mehmed

Count Dracula wasn’t only one and also many prisoners such as Byzantine Emperor Diogenis were there. Some tunnels were discovered in castle complex. Also some rock tombs were discovered.

Briefly we witnessed Count Dracula and other prisoners in this voyage. If it had a mouth, I am sure that it would have told us many incredible stories.

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