Travel in Turkey; A magnificent travel in history


Turkey is a country that a tourist can find everything. For example the historical background is so wide that we can find traces of those periods. We can come across the ancient sites that witnessed history such as Miletos, Ephesus and Troy. The archeaologists discovered big treasures and items. So big stories are told.

Amazon Queen Penthesilea
King Midas

The king Midas is one of the well-known historical characters of Small Asia. Marcus Antinious who was the lover of Cleopatra was the head of Tarsus. Cleopatra came here to meet him. Alexander the Great became the king of universe in Gordion.

Damlataş Cave

Turkish landscape offers us great opportunities such as caves. We come across many caves in everywhere of Turkey. Damlataş cave in Antalya is one of the biggest ones. It has a great scenery in galleries of the cave. Many caves of Turkey give us valuable hints on human being development.

Düden Waterfall

The natural beauties of Turkey attract many visitors. So outdoor sports such as hiking and canyoning are very popular in the valleys – some of them are national parks- of Mediterranean and Aegean coasts. Waterfalls and beautiful geographic shapes are important components of Turkish landscape.

Handycrafts of Anatolia have a great reputation of creavitity. They were so great that they were used in various historical buildings. For example Iznik tiles were used in Sultanahmet Mosque so it is called as Blue Mosque due to the tiles inside the mosque.

Also the underwater of Anatolia has the same value because we can see many sunken ships and planes under the water. Today we have the great diving points in Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.

Tourism is a bridge among the various cultures. My passion is to contribute tourism and my country's publicity. I am a volunteer to achieve this goal.

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