Turkish Miracle; Yoghurt

Turkish cuisine has a miracle good that has specific features. Its name is Yoghurt. All of us eat this good with appetite. Also it is a very useful good for health. It is made of milk and yoghurt yeast. It is proved that it is a necessary good for healthy aging. Due to its contents, it keeps human being very healthy till the very old ages. Today we have many sort of yoghurts such as yoghurt with vegetables and probiotic yoghurts. Basically they are all the same.

Yoghurt’s history is dated back to Turk’s history. Milk was the major product of Turkish tributes and Anatolian farmers. So they used milk in every possible good. Yoghurt was exported to Europe after Vienna campaign of Ottoman Empire. During long siege period, Turkish army fed with yoghurt and produced a drink named Ayran.

Some historians stated that Europeans wondered of the good of Turkish army. So they tested the yoghurt. It is the sample of cultural affection.

It is very helpful for the digestive system and immunity. Also it is stated that it is very useful for sleeping problems. In addition to milk elements, yeast contains some useful bacterias for the body.

Good appetite…


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