Turkiye is 100 years old…..

When a person or a company turn 100 years old, it is a big event. It is also avaliable for the states. Turkish Republic is 100 years old. After a long and shocking fight for freedom, Turkiye became an independent state in 1923.

With the leadership and the vision of one man,Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, a nation broke the chain of bad fortune and destiny. As whole world knows that Ataturk isn’t only valuable for us and also for those who wants to be free in the world. His culture and background are the most important facts that shaped his vision.

Our republic had a solid base with Ataturk principles and modern vision. Unfortunately we had bad times and shocking events but thanks to this fact, Turkish Republic is alive. Even today despite of bad events, Ataturk and Turkish Republic are living……

Forever Turkiye…..


Tourism is a bridge among the various cultures. My passion is to contribute tourism and my country's publicity. I am a volunteer to achieve this goal.

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