Cappadocia underground city

As I mentioned before, Cappadocia has a historical value for all human being history. Not only the historical value, and also the religious importance in Christianity is another value of this place.

First Christians ran away from Roman Empire’s cruel approach to Christianity so they discovered that they could hide here and build new settlement areas due to the soft volcanic soil.

A simple plan of an underground city

It is thought that there are more than 100 underground cities in the region. Some of them are so deep that it isn’t possible to go down to the base due to danger. Those underground cities were built in order to live and to survive.We can even come across graves of those inhabitants. The churches were carved in the rock. Their defense systems were simple and attractive. Those cities were divided into sections and each sections had rolled stone gates. The passages were for one person so it was easy to stop the enemy under the ground.

We know that they had tough times and they were in alert every time. You can feel them when you go down through the underground city. They are real time capsules. You can find the remains of their life.

But pay attention please because if you have any illness such as clithrophobia and heart diseases, don’t attempt to enter there.

I have been there and I felt their souls in the tunnels. It is a real extreme experience.

A gate of an underground city

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