A grave was unearthed in Küllüoba ancient site of Central Anatolia. It is 5000 years old and it has a dramatic story. Archeologists found out that there are two skeletons in a coffin. One of them is a little girl and the other one is an adult man.

The dramatic side of this story is the way she died. She died of a hit on her skull in 3000 BC. The reason of this case isn’t clear but we know the violence hurt many people in earlier ages. The another man was probably her relative, the works on this case will prove the fact sooner. Violence was the common reason of deaths in earlier ages. This one isn’t only the proof of this theory and also we can come across many proofs in archeological sites.

Human kind tortured his specie to have power in earlier ages. I hope that we got smarter on this issue sooner.

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