Virgin Mary House: A holy spirit in Western Anatolia

Virgin Mary statue

We are tuning the time machine to 33 AD and our location is Ephesus. This is the immigration of Virgin Mary to Ephesus.

Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem and Jerusalem wasn’t safe for Christians. So St.Jean decided to run away from Jerusalem in order to survive Virgin Mary. They had been on a long way for months. They arrived to Ephesus. Ephesus was also under Roman Empire rule. They settled on a mountain nearby Ephesus by the help of inhabitants. She had spent her days there by praying to God. She had lived there till she was 101. Finally she passed away here. According to the rumor, her grave is nearby her house.

Virgin Mary house

It is a pilgrimage place for Christians with the confirmation of Vatican. It is also a holy place for Muslims because Virgin Mary is one of the holy people for Islam. So this is a residence of holy spirit.

Visit İzmir and feel the spirit of Virgin Mary.

Note: This is a sightseeing place so you have to charge fee to enter here.

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