Water management in ancient sites of Turkey..

Milet ancient site
Aizonai ancient site

Water has been the basic element for life since the beginning of the life. Human being should have found out how to control the water in order to create huge settlements. We have found out some methods for this purpose. Roman Empire can be considered as the dominant of water. Ancient Greeks and the Small Asia communities had built systems to control water. The scale of those sites isn’t as huge as today but when we compare the past, they were giant projects.

Our ancient sites are almost 2000 years old or older than this period. They have hints on the water engineering. According to our last information provided from archeaological excavations, those sites have water channel systems that are still functioning. Sewage systems are also included in those systems. Even tough, they are older than 2000 years old, they are functioning perfectly at present. Starting from supplying water from the spring (it can be far away from the settlement area), every process is very impressive. The water was used for ordinary life and also for other purposes such as the hot springs and health. We can see traces of those great systems in those sides.

Some of those systems are so developed that even today it isn’t easy to understand how they were calculated and built. The water aquadects were the most important tools that had the principle of gravity. They have adorable engineering.

Briefly ancient period wasn’t a poor period. The proves tell us that they had a very high knowledge level. Even today we still use some principles.

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