Water regime in rivers of Turkey

Manavgat Waterfall /Antalya
Van Lake /Van
The storm creek /Rize

There are photographs of water springs on Turkish landscape. Turkish territory can be considered as a wealthy territory for water. Mostly Turkish territory has flowing rivers and proper eco-systems around them. Except South Eastern Region of Turkey, we can come across water springs. South Eastern region has a dry climate and the rain is so a few that long time droughts can be considered as usual there.

The most wealthy region of Turkey (for water and eco-systems) is Black sea region. It is located on the northern side of Turkey. It is almost green and the whole territory is covered with forests. Those forests have various tonnes of green. So the climate is rainy in whole year. Summer season is very short here. Even in summer, you can come across heavy rains. So the water regime is so high that the creeks are avaliable for outdoor sports such as canoe.

As the climates have changed, the rain regime has also changed in the world. Unfortunately this regime has changed in Turkey, too. Not only the global changes and also some factors we cause have serious results on this climate change.

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