Aqueducts of water transfer system

Water has been most important element of human being life since we have been here. Earlier settlements were founded nearby river banks in history. Transferring water became an vital issue in the past. The title of this article became a smart solution for this issue. Here is the story;

We are going back to 330 AD. New Rome (Constantinople) was founding but there was an important issue for this new city; water sources. So East Romans decided to develop a project in order to transfer water to New Rome. A water transfer line was being constructed. The water source was 242 km. far away from the capital. They constructed aqueducts and water transfer stations. Thracian mountains were the water source ( Same situation is available today.). This line was around 242 km long. The construction finished around 345 AD. So this engineering wonder became true and New Rome or Constantinople became real capital. The system was damaged due to some campaigns in some periods.

Roman engineering wonder

Water has been main element of human being life for centuries. So human being has been resided nearby river banks. Roman Empire developed wise projects for water transfer. Legacy of Roman engineering world had a deep impact on developing this sort of projects.

Today we have similar issues in the world. Fresh water is required to have a balanced life.

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