Why is Turkey in the red list?

The world is changing everyday. We are facing every sort of political and social events everyday. Even we have faced Gulf War crisis and SARS epidemic in far east.But we haven’t faced more serious crisis than today. None of the countries placed Turkish Republic in red list.

What is going on? As we all can see that it is a health issue. It makes sense but when Russia makes projects with Egypt, we have to think very carefully. Tourism is a vital economical sector. Turkish Republic has a special place in tourism world. So it isn’t possible to ignore Turkey. Health procedures are important but the prestige of a country is everything. Everything depends on the management of tourism. If the procedures run correctly, it isn’t possible to face a crisis.

Is Turkey succesful on running the procedures? Yes /No


Tourism is a bridge among the various cultures. My passion is to contribute tourism and my country's publicity. I am a volunteer to achieve this goal.

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