Wild life of Anatolia

Anatolian peninsula has a wealthy wild life. Especially the migrant birds stop in various destinations while flying to their main destination. Some lakes and swamps are the common places for them.

Seals of Foça are one of the famous animals of Anatolian peninsula. As they land on Foça beaches, they are named as Foça seals.

Wild horses of Anatolia are the symbols of wild life. They are so wild that they live as groups. Mostly they are brown.

Caretta caretta turtles are the mostly known animals of Turkey. They are under protection of laws. Their beaches where they are born are very special. So it is allowed to be disturbed. They come here to lay eggs. It is a routine trip for them.

There are many animal that we can see in Anatolia. Wild life observation can be a good branch.

Visit Turkey and feel the nature…


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