Xanthos; the site of honorable public

Xanthos ancient site

Honor was a valuable virtue in the past. Mankind couldn’t survive without honor and the life was nothing without honor. We are visiting a site where honorable people lived. Xanthos was the biggest resident area Lycia State. The oldest Lycian theater and inscription were built here. It was a rich site due to trade. Nereid Monument of Xanthos that was brought to London was the similar of Halikarnassos Monument. Let’s travel in time and meet the honorable of society in Xanthos;

In 540 BC, Xanthos is under attack of Persians. Persian Empire is one of the destructive forces of ancient era. Xanthos is in difficulty because they don’t have enough source to resist. Persian Emperor is sending a delegate to propose to surrender. The society of Xanthos is discussing this proposal, they know that there will be a disaster even if they surrender. They are in dilemma, they have families and slaves with them. They think of a solution. They decided on a terrific and honorable solution. They decided to make a self-destruction attack but what about their families? Men of Xanthos killed their families and slaves. Then they prepared to attack Persian army. They know that they won’t come back so nobody was waiting for them. So a site was destroyed.

Theater of Xanthos
Xanthos ancient site

Xanthos ancient site is one of the important sites of Antalya. Don’t forget to visit Xanthos if you have any opportunity.


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