Waterfalls of Turkey

Ocak 8, 2020

Waterfalls are beautiful views of this landscape. They are combinations of rivers and natural geographic shapes. […]

Wind Mills of Çeşme

Ocak 4, 2020

Wind mills are the traditional tools for ancient times. We know that Holland is famous for […]

Temples of ancient world

Ocak 2, 2020

Some ancient sites of Anatolia have deep meanings for the belief and religious history. The ancient […]

Turkey and its tourism potential

Ocak 2, 2020

Turkey is a very attractive country for tourists. Both domestic and foreign tourists have everything they […]

Happy new year in 2020

Aralık 28, 2019

We are leaving 2019 in 3 days and we will be in 2020. As we mentioned […]

Merry Christmas

Aralık 25, 2019

Christmas reminds Santa Claus, Santa Claus reminds christmas. Demre was the place where St.Claus’ story existed. […]