Garden of Priest; A hidden beauty of Mersin

Natural beauties of Turkey are very impressive. It can be considered as the gift of nature to Anatolian peninsula.

There is a natural beauty that is named as the garden of priest in Mersin province of Turkey. Waterfalls and resorts are the nicest panoramas of this sight seeing place.

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A tradition for 2000 years;To produce grape molasses

Uzuncaburç Ancient Site/Mersin

History has many hidden traditions. Turkish landscape has a deep historical background so it isn’t a surprise to come across one in Turkey. So a hidden tradition is becoming true nowadays; to produce grape molasses.

The experts and archeologists tried to recreate this tradition in Uzuncaburç ancient site of Mersin. They produced molasses from grapes. Grape was the important source that ancient civilizations used.

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Ancient Egypt Anchor on the shore of TRNC

Ancient Egyptian Empire had deep impacts in the region of Mediterranean but the archeological proofs are a few. One of them was unearthed from the bottom of Mediterranean. An anchor of ancient Egytp was found by archeologists. It is guessed that it is around 3000 years old. Cyprus island was as important as today’s position in the past. It is like an aircraft carrier of present. Ancient Egypt hieroglyphics can be read on the anchor.

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Gökçetepe Natural Park; A natural beauty

Turkey’s natural parks are famous for natural beauty and bio-diversity. North Western region of Turkey ( Greek border of Turkey) has a great bay named Saros bay. Gökçetepe Natural Park is located at the Saros Bay. This bay is one of the well known holiday resort of Turkey due to natural background.

As it is far away from industrial zones, the region offers us a clean and great panorama. It is also good for respiratory tract diseases. This natural park gives the visitors a great opprtunity. Saros Bay is one of the worthvisiting holiday resorts of Turkey.

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Mosaics of Black Sea region

Mosaics are important art works and also they have hints on daily life and beliefs. Zeugma of Gaziantep is one of the best samples in Turkey but it isn’t only a place. Some mosiacs were unearthed in Black Sea region. A site in Sinop province presentes us mosaics that are like the ones in Zeugma ancient site.

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Earthquake history of Turkey

Earthquake is a reality that the world lives with. Turkey is one of the active countries for geological activities. An earthquake occurred in Izmir region of Turkey. Its epicenter was under the Aegean Sea. It can be considered as a close point for the land. So its impact got wider. Turkey, Greece and neighbour countries had the strong impact.

It is obvious that earthquake was as active power as today. We know that many ancient sites collapsed as the result of earthquake. The archeaological works proved us that many ancient civilizations (especially around the Aegean region) had deep impact because of earthquakes. Some sites have multiple layers so the geological systems are one of the main reasons to be collapsed. Those layers are like time capsules so we can see the traces of earthquakes in history…

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Sarıkamış Wintersport facility; A peak of Eastern Anatolia

Mt.Sarıkamış of Kars is one of the well known destinations of Turkey. It is famous for wild and beautiful natural structure. Due to the tough winter conditions, it is one of the suitable places for winter sports.

The wintersport facility has various tracks for various levels. It is getting more famous everyday.

It has also historical background. It is the place where thousands of young Turkish soldiers martyrized by freezing in WW 1. They became martyrs without shooting any bullet to the enemy.

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