Çardak Lake; A sample for brackish lakes

Turkish landscape offers us many opportunities to feel the spirit of the nature. Thanks to the structure of Anatolian pennisula, we can find many natural miracles on the landscape.

Brackish lakes were formed on tectonic regions. Çardak lake is one of them. It is one of the biggest lakes of Turkey. Also it has a depht of 300 mt. It is so deep that there are a few lakes in the world. It is located in Afyonkarahisar province of Turkey.

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Sansarak Canyon; the natural beauty of Iznik

Iznik county of Bursa is famous for tile works but it should be stated that there are considerable natural beauties in Bursa province. Sansarak canyon is one of the beautiful natural beauties. It is a great destination for hikers and outdoor sport lovers. It should be stated that guide is necessary for touring here in order to avoid unwanted situations.

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Anavarza Ancient Site

Adana province is one of the historical regions of Turkey. Due to the deep historical background of the region, there are important historical sites in Adana. Anavarza ancient site is one of them.

It was built in 2nd century AD. It was the capital of Cilicia region in 4th century AD. The important monuments of Anavarza ancient site were unearthed such as the city walls. The archeological excavation is still going on. We know that many civilizations left traces in the region. Starting from Roman Empire era till Ottoman era, Anavarza has been an important site. Today we can see the city walls of the site with the glory.

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Stone Bridge of Adana; the oldest bridge of the world

If you want to see the oldest bridge of the world, you should visit Adana province of Turkey. Stone bridge of Adana ties up two banks of Seyhan river. It is dated back to Roman Empire era. According to the inscription that is lost at present, it was built by Emperor Hadrianus (76-138 AD). The inscription that is exhibited in Adana archeological museum states that it was built by architect Auxentius in 3rd century AD. It has been restored for several times in history. It has never lost its value from the constructed year to the present. We can come across this bridge in some historical resources. The name of the city was Adania in ancient era. It is the monument that will never lose its blaze in time.

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Kaputaş Beach; A paradise in Kaş county of Antalya

It is obvious that Antalya has a lot of attracting sites. Beaches are the natural beauties of the province. Kaputaş Beach is one of them. It is located in Kaş county of Antalya. The most interesting thing on the beach is the ladder that has 193 stairs.

The golden sands of the beach make the visitors as if they are on the island. It is one of the attraction place of the region.

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Lava path of Mt.Karacadağ; A new attraction site for adventurers

Turkey has a new attraction site in Diyarbakır province of South Eastern region. The outdoor sport lovers have a new path where they can ride bicycle. Mt.Karacadağ is one of the silent volcanoes of the region. Lava of this silent volcano formed a great lava path millions of years ago. Today the outdoor sport lovers use this path as an outdoor cycling path.

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Tarsus Waterfall

Mersin is one of the provinces where the natural beauties are. It is located in Mediterranean region of Turkey. This is the nature beauty of Mersin province. It is called as Tarsus waterfall.

The region of Tarsus waterfall has a territory that has a historical background. This territory was used as necropolis by Roman Empire soyou can come across tomb stones around the waterfall.

Tarsus Waterfall

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Safranbolu; the historical town of Turkey

In addition to summer tourism, cultural tourism is also other popular tourism branch in Turkey. Thanks to the cultural legacy of Turkey, the historical towns are very popular worldwide. One of them is Safranbolu county of Karabük province. Safranbolu is famous for the delight and the traditional architecture of the region.

The historical mansions of Safranbolu are in the UNESCO list. Those mansions are the symbols of the region and they are under protection. Some of them were redesigned as pansions. Don’t forget to taste the delight.

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Hobbit Village of Sivas; An awarded recreation area

The movie sector is very affective on our entertainment world. It is so affective that the movie sector can shape the recreational areas.

A hobbit village was built in Sivas province of Turkey. It was built in a recreational park that contains every sport and social facility. It was awarded as the best recreational project.

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Historical Mansions of K.Maraş

Turkey has many regions that are famous for the traditional architecture. Kahramanmaraş is one of the south provinces of Turkey. The traditional architecture of the city reflects on the historical mansions of the city. Those mansions are around 500 years old.

Those mansions were restored and revalued.

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